Plant Cycles

Some notes on growing plants and the various stages they go through.
Lighting - to include optimal times for energy efficiency.

  1. Start Cycle
    1. Light cycle = 16hrs on and 8hrs off. 5am on - 9pm off.
    2. Fertilizer = +phosphorus
    3. Cutting Notes;
      1. Four nodes, 2-3 in dirt
      2. Rough up the lower nodes and dip in Root Start
      3. Dip in Honey for anticeptic
      4. Water and Fertilizer lightly, in same location so as to form tap root.
      5. Mark and keep cuttings on North position throughout life cycle. 
      6. Humidity dome to maintain moisture levels during rooting.
  2. Grow Cycle
    1. Light cycle = 18hrs on and 6hrs off. 4am on - 10pm off.
    2. Fertilizer = +nitrogen
  3. Flower Cycle
    1. Light cycle = 12hrs on and 12hrs off. 7pm on - 7am off.
    2. Fertilizer = +phosphorus and potassium