Capital Prospecting

    The story of Capitol Prospecting

        You see Gary started his own lawn mowing company back in 2005. He had quit his job at a local liquor store, because he was ready for something of his own. The next day he bought a used lawn mower and trimmer then started knocking doors. He soon came up with the name $20 Lawns. Gary wanted to charge people a more realistic price for mowing their lawns. We weren't in any position to have employees. So Gary has busted his butt alone, most of the time occasionally I can help, to make $20 Lawns a well known name in Salem, Oregon.

        In the beginning of this year my husband Gary was coming home from work one day sore and tired; as he has done everyday. We sat outside on our porch enjoying a moment of peace; which any parent of a 3 year old can understand. Gary looked at me and said,"I don't know how much longer I can physically keep mowing lawns." As the loving,supportive wife that I am I only responded,"Then you need to figure out what you want to do and make sure it is something you like to do."

        Gary has always had a passion for prospecting since he was a kid. He has lived in gold bearing states (Oregon, Nevada, California, and Alaska) all his life. My husband has had many trips metal detecting and gold prospecting though out the years. He has the most fun taking our son out to teach him how to treasure hunt. Our son usually skunks him in finds.

        With that the gears started turning. Gary went to the Salem Fairgrounds when the Gold Show came through; which he does every year, but this time with the intent of educating himself on the dealer side of this business. We decided to sell $20 Lawns so we could start Capitol Prospecting,LLC. 

        So far we have learned alot, yet we know we still have a lot more to learn. We are dedicated to see this business succeed just like we did with our $20 Lawns company. We know that this will be a different kind of venture than we are used to, but with your support it can succeed.

 I would like to thank all who have checked out our website. 

   Have a blessed day~