Data Storage

Over the years I've maintained several archives of digital files. And over time I've refined a basic structure that is both simple to use and fast to search. A good archive will contain a cross reference to both folksonomy and taxonomy structures. This means you can find and classify by common names and structured names. An additional consideration is "Type" of file, this permits network services to access the Data Storage Devices with the most efficiency and security. An example of Type is the Video folder in the Library; this could be shared with a Smart TV or mobile devices.

  • File Names: DATTS
    • Date = YYYYMMDD
    • Author = Name of composer or originating source, such as url or corp. name.
    • Title = Original Author Title
    • Type = Type of File; Audio, Code, Document, Image, Video (ACDIV)
    • Subjects = Taxonomy and Folksonomy reference tags
  • Folder Names:
    • Root; the base of the storage drive.
      • Archive: (BZB) Subfolders contain DATTS files.
        • YYYY
        • YYYY
      • Library: (ACDIV) Subfolders contain DATTS files.
        • Audio
        • Code
        • Document
        • Image
        • Video
      • Repository: (Projects) Subfolders with Subversioning.
        • Project 1
        • Project 2
        • Project etc...

More to come when I have time to update this....if it ever needs it :)