Windows IDE

No its not beer, but you should go get one, crack it open and enjoy this article....
For those of you unfamiliar with IDE's, it stands for Integrated Development Environment. Okay got your beer? Great, lets get started. For the most part this is only a draft. I've put some time into a Windows platform based IDE road map. For now I'm simply posting this as a reminder to myself of the thoughts of all that time. With that stated I'll begin.

The IDE is composed of several software and settings. These include: Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Net Beans, Eclipse, SQL Server Management Studio/or MySQL Server equivalent, SharePoint Designer, and Tortoise SVN Client/SVN server.

In order to utilize the different IDE software some servers are necessary. They are IIS Web Server and SVN Server. The server build is discussed in IIS Server Web Farm Installation and Configuration...another article I need to blog about.

Once the workstations' base OS along with patches and any upgrades have been completed, the following needs to be installed;

1. Adobe Dreamweaver
2. Microsoft Visual Studio
3. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
4. Microsoft SharePoint Designer
5. Tortoise SVN